Redmond Aldrich Design



Chloe Warner



Chloe attended the architecture program at Harvard University's Graduate School of Design, and founded Redmond Aldrich Design right after graduating in 2005.  Her stylish mother and grandmothers instilled a passion for flowers and fabrics, and a belief that interiors matter deeply.  Exposed from a young age to rooms designed by Sister Parish and Albert Hadley, Chloe finds inspiration in classic design, and enjoys updating this aesthetic with a modern edge.  She lives in Oakland with her husband, two kids and a dwindling number of pets.  Vices include makeover shows, Instagram, fancy granola, "taking the cure" at Indian Springs.


Maria Wu

Senior Designer

Maria has worked at Redmond Aldrich since 2008.  In addition to being an amazing interior designer her extracurriculars run the gamut from wholesome (her baking puts Craftsmen & Wolves to shame)  to inappropriate, (she organized The Golden Calf - a lower leg pageant for RAD employees under 30), to inspirational (she runs a very hilarious and sweet Instagram).   


Senior Designer

In 2010 Taylor hand wrote a note to Chloe and has worked here ever since.  She watches comedy exclusively (we are counting The Bachelor as comedy), runs half marathons, wallpapered her own kitchen and pins the absolute best art.  Nosy tidbit: Taylor once went on a date arranged by her dry cleaner with a young man named Taylor Shanahan.      




Junior Designer

Part Disney princess, part Martha Stewart, part Thomas Jefferson, Anel joined RAD in 2015 and has one of the sweetest phone voices we have ever heard.  She drafts, she sews, she knows every computer program that matters (to her boss).   She is also a competitive dancer, and without even seeing her moves we know she is the best in the office. Update: Anel appeared on TV during halftime at a Warriors game, and now we know for sure.


Diep Anh

Finance & Operations manager

It’s not every day a former PG&E finance manager wants a job at an interior design firm, and from the moment she started in 2018 Diep has made herself terrifyingly useful. She blew her boss’s mind by refusing to complain while juggling being a functional employee, a part time design student, and single parent to two adorable boys when her husband was traveling for two weeks. And this might be controversial but she is probably the most responsive emailer in the office.

Rose Louie

Junior Designer

During their first meeting Rose had Chloe at her response to “what is your favorite design magazine” (Answer: World of Interiors). The interview took a turn for the absurd when Rose declared her favorite restaurant was Hot Italian, (an East Bay pizza institution known for their bus bench advertising) but wisely walked it back to it’s greatness being all about the gluten-free crust. Her drafting and modeling skills are out of this world, and her Instagram will give you romantic newlywed feels.

Ella Nicastro


Nothing makes you feel older than designing a room for a kid, then 10 years later hiring that “kid” as your intern. Ella ups the tattoo quotient of the office by a huge factor, and works hard enough to give entire Gen-Z a good name. All-time favorite acceptance of a job offer here. JK, she wrote a very polite email, but surprise, Ella! Your boss uses the internet!