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Maison de Luxe aka: Our First Showcase House!

It's a murder of crows!

It's a murder of crows!

It was a dream come true to be invited to participate in the Maison de Luxe Showcase House this fall in LA, it just came down last week and I'm still elated.  We had the Murder Room, (a gorgeous room on the main floor with beautiful light in which two people were actually murdered and which is supposedly haunted), and the challenge was to acknowledge the history of the room without splatter paint or a red theme.  I wanted something beautiful but sinister, and we decided to incorporate a murder of crows on traditional branch and bird wallpaper.  It turned out better than I could have hoped, mostly because so many amazing vendors were generous about loaning us pieces we could never afford, and Ximena and Robin ran this project like a do-or-die Navy Seal operation.  My undying gratitude goes to Pam Jaccarino at Luxe for giving us a chance.  Thank you.

Pics of all four walls below, plus a bonus hallway pic!  n.b. the color of the hallway, my new favorite shade - Studio Green.  Purr.