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LA Showcase House

This fall we are doing a room at the LA Showcase house at Greystone Mansion.  I've always wanted to do a showcase, and this one is just (as Ferris Bueller would say) so choice.  We were assigned a gorgeous room on the main level, in the corner with windows looking out basically to Catalina, and it's called the Murder Room - seriously, it's the room in which Mr. Doheny and his secretary were murdered by Mrs. Doheny.  

Instead of decorating with sage braids or doing an all-red room we are taking a more zoological approach, and incorporating a murder of crows.  It will be sinister but elegant.  Just like I am.  We are designing a painting studio for the imaginary lady of the house, where she paints portraits of her groovy friends while they lounge on her beautiful and feminine furniture.  Without further ado, Maria's watercolor rendering of the room:

Classy times in the Murder Room

Classy times in the Murder Room