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Office Life: Meet Maria

In our next feature, meet Maria! She is basically Martha Stewart, but better. She bakes, she crafts, and she is one killer interior designer!

(PS-- she also has the cutest family ever!)

Name: Maria Wu

Nickname: Wu (but only Taylor calls me that)

Horoscope Sign: Cancer

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Food: Pizzzzzzza

Favorite Summer Beverage: Kombucha - any flavor!

Favorite Part About Living in the Bay Area: I love that we are the hub for tech innovations.  I CANNOT wait to purchase my first driverless car.

Current favorite slang word or catchphrase: It’s gonna get worse before it gets better.

Current favorite song or artist: Galant

Plans for the Summer: Got no plans.  Remember Robin, I don’t travel.

How did you get into Interior Design: Studied Interior Design in college (SF State).  I love the idea of finding the perfect balance between function and creativity and how it can manipulate someone’s total experience (positive or negative) in any space.

Favorite part about working at RAD: I love that we make time to talk about TV shows.  Priorities!