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Office Life: Meet Anel

We wanted to share a quick little insight into the ladies behind the work of RAD. Meet Anel, the lovely lady who makes sure all of the details are accounted for. 

Name: Anel Zarate

Nickname: Anelliebellie - given to me by one of my older cousins. I’ve also been nicknamed “Anelifant” because it sounds like “an elephant"

Horoscope Sign: Pisces

Favorite Color: Green! - but not a basic green…a nice wild bright green

Favorite Food: This one’s hard! I love spaghetti with sausage any day, but I am currently always craving sushi.

Favorite Summer Beverage: For a good time…margaritas all the way! But if it’s a normal working day then I would have to say I love Starbucks’ refreshers in any flavor.

Favorite Part About Living in the Bay Area: I love being by the ocean, something I wasn’t near when I lived in Sacramento growing up. I also love that there’s so many food options and scenic places to see.

Current favorite slang word or catchphrase: I don’t really have any at the moment, but I just got over the whole “I can’t even” phrase. 

Current favorite song or artist: Currently playing “Location” by Khalid several times a day. It’s that perfect smooth song to get you in a good vibe. 

Plans for the Summer: No exciting plans yet, but I’m thinking I might just hit up the beaches in SoCal and stop by Universal Studios to ride that Harry Potter ride for the 100th time. #HarryPotterfan4life

How did you get into Interior Design: I had been wanting a career in interior design since I was in middle school, and in high school I even made a scale model of a design for my parents’ house as my senior year project. I went to college at UC Davis for design and took all classes available in graphics, fashion, and interiors because I was down for creating anything. Even after learning all these different types of design, even creating collections for fashion shows and working as a freelance graphic designer for a youth symphony in Sacramento, I ended up still loving interior design more. After graduating, I got lucky enough to get chosen to work here at RAD!

Favorite part about working at RAD: I think it’s the best when I know walking into the office that the day is going to be filled with jokes and funny side stories from all of my colleagues. It makes the day easier to get through when I have a long list of things to do! My absolute favorite part though is when I get to create 3D renderings for rooms. Something about building each element, like a chair or light fixture, to look as realistic as possible gets me as excited as a kid eating candy.