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As Seen On: Architectural Digest

We love Before & After's almost as much as we love Architectural Digest. So what could be better than combining the two and throwing in Chloe's kitchen remodel? Just about nothing...Read along below and click here for the full article. 

"A poorly designed kitchen is the opposite of the heart of the home—you most likely want to avoid it at all costs. Chloe Warner, founder of Redmond Aldrich Design, inherited the kitchen of her nightmares when she moved. "It took its toll on the entire family," she remembers. Everything that could be wrong, was: All of the appliances were massive and temperamental, there wasn't enough storage, the floor was industrial rubber, and the cabinets were crooked. Warner quickly embarked on a complete overhaul of the space, determined to design a kitchen that married form and function."

Robin GardnerComment