Redmond Aldrich Design

About us

Peek of the office; skills and vices

chloe redmond warner

Chloe attended the architecture program at Harvard University's Graduate School of Design, and founded Redmond Aldrich Design right after graduating in 2005.  Her stylish mother and grandmothers instilled a passion for flowers and fabrics, and a belief that interiors matter deeply.  Exposed from a young age to rooms designed by Sister Parish and Albert Hadley, Chloe finds inspiration in classic design, and enjoys updating this aesthetic with a modern edge.  She lives in Oakland with her husband, two kids and a dwindling number of pets.  Vices include makeover shows, Instagram, fancy granola, hot hot water.

Maria Wu

Maria has worked at Redmond Aldrich since 2008.  Professional baking skills, hilarious and sweet Instagrams, and dry office banter are a few of her skills outside being an amazing interior designer.

ximena sarango

Ximena grew up in Boston and Peru and worked at fancy firms in New York before joining us in 2010.  Vices include shaming her boss on Fitbit, the best jewelry wardrobe ever, still watching Survivor, praising Bed Bath & Beyond, bangin' hair at all times.

Taylor Shanahan

In 2010 Taylor hand wrote a note to Chloe and has worked here ever since.  She watches comedy exclusively (we are counting The Bachelor as comedy), runs 10Ks, wallpapered her own kitchen and pins the absolute best art.   Nosy tidbit: Taylor once went on a date arranged by her dry cleaner with a young man named Taylor Shanahan.

Robin Cross

Robin ups the wholesome quotient at RAD, both as the second Montanan and the second person to get engaged to her high-school sweetheart.  She is also responsible for introducing her boss to the joy of animated gifs - appropriate for business!  Who knew.